Poly-Coat Systems composite offers the highest level of corrosion technology available. We can custom formulate a corrosion barrier to excel in your unique service and can offer conductive testing capabilities for your FRP lining. The tanks can weigh as little as 10,500 lbs. for a full vacuum capable unit, which is 3,000 lbs. lighter than a steel lined tank and considerably lighter than a hand laminate tank. This will increase your payload to give you an economic edge over your competition. The standard liner thickness is  150 mils. 

Vinyl ester linings provide the ability to haul the widest variety of chemicals available.  The interiors have a smooth finish offering an easy cleaning surface.   Filament wound tanks are structurally stronger than hand laminates.  Poly-Coat Systems tanks have the heads molded in to the shell and this eliminates secondary bonds at a critical point in the tank.    The fiberglass exterior is corrosion resistant and comes with a  high gloss finish unmatched in the industry.